Announcements:  1.)If you were in the Willie Cole group on the blog, please post about him and his POSSIBLE relationship to Hurston on our blog by Wednesday (tomorrow) at 10 pm.  Add images or links to make your post interesting.  2.)If you were in the group that read the article about “Sweat” this weekend, please comment on at least two of the Willie Cole posts any time before coming to class on Thursday.  Feel free to use the knowledge that you gained from reading the “Sweat” article!!!! In fact, it’d be great if you actually quote from that article.  Can you???? 3.)If you’re in neither one of those groups, just read the blog!  No new reading or film viewing for Thursday.  3.)You’ll be assigned to peer review possible arguments about Hurston, Rev. J.M. Gates, Willie Cole, or King Vidor works soon and this last blog post will help! 


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