Dr. Viren reading

Last week I had a chance to attend a reading by Sarah Viren. Sarah Viren is a writer, journalist, and literary translator who specializes in literary essay and a Professor at Arizona State University. She has published a book called mine which she had read one essay – “My possum” – from on her presentation. The other essay she read is called “Dear God it’s me” which is from a book she is working to publish. 

Both essays were deeply interesting, but my favorite one has to be “Dear God it’s me” because I was able to see lots of ups and downs from the way she started writing about it and the story itself. The reason she wrote about this essay is because she coincidentally found the journals which consisted of letters she wrote to God during her middle school years when she was looking for other documents for an essay she was eager to write about. This journal took her back to the summer before 7th grade when she attended a Christian athletic camp in Branson, Missouri. During this time, she was able to see God as a friendly person who she could talk to anything about. She wrote to Him about the boys she liked and daily class gossip about who asked out who. Despite not having any responses, she kept on writing letters to God about any thing she wanted to talk about for about two years. In 8th grade she started to understand that she has feelings for girls, so she wrote an apology letter to God stating that she follows all His commandments but one: homosexuality. She claimed that people will not be able to control it, briefly apologized and hoped that He would still love her. Since then, her connection with God kept on declining. This essay shows how Dr. Viren grew to love and get closer with God and then slowly separated herself from christianity as she learned more about herself at a young age. 

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