The Impact of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

When examining the films, Boycott (Clark Johnson) and Four Little Girls (Spike Lee), their impact on and illustration of the past and ongoing battles with equality is prominent. While the endings of both of the films, Boycott and Four Little Girls, were both impactful in their own ways, I personally feel that the ending of Boycott was more impactful towards the future of the movement (even the ongoing movement). 

With the ending of Boycott, we are, in a way, reminded that the battle for racial equality was not so long ago; that the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t something that happened a very long time ago. Through this, we are also reminded that the battle for equality is still ongoing and is very real. With MLK being separated from the bus, there are many impactful meanings that could be taken away from this scene. Additionally, through these take-aways, we are given this ending to continue and further the ongoing fight for equality.

60th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott – The Struggle that Sparked  the Civil Rights Movement | Socialist AlternativeImage Shows a Scene from the Real-Life Bus Boycott

While on the other hand, there is the ending of Four Little Girls, where I feel as though the ending of this film was just a tad too upbeat/happy. This ending is satisfying to the viewers, it leaves a good feeling through the conclusion. The problem with this is that, while it has a feel good ending, with this, the viewer doesn’t have the immediate thought/reminder that these issues are still ongoing (even if it’s not to the extent or as obvious as it once was). 

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  1. I agree that the ending of Boycott had a series of symbolism to draw from which differed greatly from Four Little Girls. In that respect, it was more compelling because it had an additional “think” factor that Spike Lee’s film missed. I also understand your point on the less compelling ending of Four Little Girls, but I am not sure that the intent was to give viewers a reminder that racially targeted hate crimes still continue. Maybe it should have been? Maybe not?

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