Conflict of Interest

I understand why the little boy in The Sky is Grey gives the preacher so much grief. The white slave owners were not benevolent in introducing Christianity to their slaves. They taught them a very specific kind of Christianity that encouraged docility in the face of violent oppression. In that way, the little boy is on to something. Something that his elder cannot understand. There has always been a divide between young and old but I imagine that it must have been something entirely different than what it is now.
It is fairly easy to see why Nothing But a Man was Malcolm X’s favorite movie. It feels very rebellious and has much of the same tone as the child in The Sky is Grey. I really like how the main character is able to introduce the idea of being unable to trust what white people have given them without the other party resorting to physical violence. Through these two films, it becomes easy to see what must have been a real debate within the community and probably one that persists today. It makes sense that any religion given by white people would certainly be a conflict of interest.

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