An Analysis of Coleman’s Poetry

After listening to the poetry reading by Aaron Coleman, I was intrigued by 2 of his poems, Viciousness in Ends and A Fire She Loved. What I found especially interesting about Viciousness in Ends was how he described growing up as a boy. The way he described his experience with masculinity was painful and real; he described playing with his siblings as test of their strength, and while they were laughing, they were in pain. I thought it was such an interesting point of view on masculinity, and was just so well said. One quote from this poem that really hit home for me was “A man is born where he breaks”. I thought this was important because it explains that men start from a place of pain and continue to suffer from there. That their lives are filled with suffering, and they don’t become men until they can prove that they have experienced pain and moved passed it. That was my interpretation of the line, but I’m sure it can be read in different ways as well.

The other poem that left a strong impression on me was A Fire She Loved. This poem discussed a woman who found solace in drinking, even though it hurt her. I thought this poem was fairly representative of his other works because he spends a lot of time analyzing people, and in doing so, questioning himself and his readers. By putting yourself in other people’s shoes, it can be easier to understand what is going on in your head, and I think that was what Coleman was doing in many of his poems.

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