Another Strange Land: Downpour off Cape Hatteras (March, 1864)

Aaron Coleman’s dissection of this shipwreck and the way he not only describes it but, but places the reader within the environment is impressive. Detail by detail he crafts an image and a sensory experience that is very personal and close to him as his ancestor had to survive the trials he describes. The vivid colors, textures, and all over situation that he created feels very alive and real. The resilience and strong spirit he displays is representative of the fighting spirit his ancestor carried, but also the strength that he carries too. The strength to keep fighting and not surrender your spirt or determination even when in one of the hardest situations in history, and on a sinking ship.

Loss of the U.S.S. Monitor, off Cape Hatteras, North ...

The memories he recalls upon and the power and strength he pulls from such as David, as a soldier, as a free man demonstrates the narrators unwillingness to go into the light, to surrender his freedom and everything he has fought for to take control of his body and his life.

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