Religion in “A Fire She Loved”

In the poem  “A Fire She Loved”, Aaron Coleman depicts a woman getting drunk on whiskey and reflecting back to her job of feeding people. Coleman shows that this woman prioritizes drinking as it was “Heavier and warmer than the feel on her face of the oven” and that she had no regrets doing it. A third element of this poem is religion. Even though she has been out of church for a long time, she still reflects back to God when she sings under her breath. This woman’s relationship with Alcohol, Baking and Religion are on three different levels. Her relationship with Whiskey is the strongest of them all, she loved drinking and prioritizes it over anything since she wonders why she baked instead of why she drank. When it comes to baking, she is a good one. However, she wonders why she kept on feeding so many people on her own. Her relationship with religion is extremely weak as described in the poem in a couple of short lines, she hasn’t been in church for a long time yet she sings spirituals with a really low voice. This shows how this women is not as proud with her religion life as she is with Whiskey.

Drunk woman - cartoon nun lady vector illustration.

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