Perception Drives What You See

Prompt Two
To begin with, it is interesting that despite the hints at Delmar’s “effeminacy,” there is no explicit indication that he is actually gay. The story is simply John’s perceptions of what a man should and shouldn’t do, which is, as it stands, a construct purely in John’s mind. While it can be inferred, or assumed, Delmar could very well be heterosexual and simply blur the boundaries between the gender roles society believes are “normal” because he is comfortable with himself.

John’s perception of Delmar and everything around him created the space for his homophobia, including the case of the song Dr. Jaxon wrote. John internally thinks that the solo lead should have been a woman’s part, but Dr. Jaxon gives the excuse that “no one else can do it justice” and “the girls in the ensemble really have no projection.” But it is unlikely that the story of Ruth would have been taught to the church as a homosexual story. It simply would have been another Bible story to John. Furthermore, when describing Delmar’s singing voice, John repeatedly references Sam Cooke. If John perceived Delmar’s voice to be masculine enough, his issue fell into the intertextuality of Delly’s previous actions as well as the fact that a woman was at the heart of the story being told.

Prompt Three
I found the documentary intriguing and heartwarming. Getting to hear the stories of black gay and lesbian religious leaders, as well as their parents, was mildly comforting. Particularly the section where the parents were discussing their children who passed from HIV/AIDS.

Coming out to my parents was not nearly that wholesome or warm and accepting, and is one of the many things that drove me away from religion. Hearing someone, especially someone close to you, justify their hatred of part of who you are using a book that cannot be verified as fact can often drive a wedge between you. Particularly when that person claims to love you. So it makes me happy that not all Black LGBT+ people have lost their faith because of the way other people have treated them

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  1. Hey Alyssa, great analysis on “Blessed Assurance,” I liked how you noticed that Dr. Jaxon agrees that Delly’s voice masculine and still thinks that he is best fit for that character. In addition, I also like the word you used to describe the documentary, heartwarming, which it truly is. I am so sorry that you did not have a heartwarming coming out experience and it drove you away from your religion. With only a few support in the Black LGBTQ+ community, I can imagine it being so frustrating.

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