Support for Christians in the LGBTQ+

Prompt 2

In the short story “Blessed Assurance” we are able to see a connection between a biblical character and one of the characters int the story representing that. In the story, “Tried Stone’s Minister of Music, Dr. Manley Jaxon, had written an original anthem, words and score his own, based on the story of Ruth.” He then assigned it to Delly, a Christian in the LGBTQ+ community, even though it was intended for a female to have that part. Dr. Jaxon blurs the line between gender gap and celebrates Delly for who he is. Dr. Jaxon seems to serve as one of the religious leaders who are in full support of people for who they are despite their differences as it’s shown in the documentary All God’s Children.

Prompt 3

In the documentary All God’s Children, religious leaders and family members share their support of the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate diversity within the black church.  It is not something commonly heard from people who identify themselves as strong christians. I usually hear from religious leaders/organizations that being homosexual is a sin and generally not supported by churches. They make It appear as if being homosexual is on the opposite side of being religious. This documentary shows that it’s okay to be gay and still wanting to seek for God’s light.  It creates a comfortable space for homosexual christians to gather without the need of being judged and discriminated. 

2 thoughts on “Support for Christians in the LGBTQ+

  1. Hi Rekik,

    I totally agree with your blog. In response to the third prompt, as you said, there seems tot be a large amount of religious leaders/organizations who still view homosexuality as a sin, and I wonder if this is a response against LGBTQ+ progress within some religious leaders/organizations in the church, as shown in “All God’s Children.”

  2. I like the response to your last prompt. I agree that churches are progressing majorly and that is evident by the rise of homosexual individuals pursuing christianity. People are passing less judgement and gay individuals are feeling more comfortable attending churches and other services.

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